People are extremely careful while buying the things for their babies. It is because they have sensitive skin and are not used to the environment as much as an average adult. This is the reason that slightly rough piece of cloth can give them a rash and even a minutely unhealthy product can affect their health. Health of a baby is not only related to the kind of a food that he eats rather it also is dependent upon the kind of the toys with which he or she plays. It has been observed that half of the time children put the toys in their mouths which causes diarrhoea and other related diseases. This is why people often wash their child’s toys but only washing cannot help because they need to be sure that product is organic and does not contain any harmful chemical. Most of the things in today’s time period have chemicals incorporated in them which, is why one must be extremely careful while buying baby products. In this article; we will be discussing about one such baby product which is widely loved across the globe and we would also discuss about the fact that why people buy Sophie the giraffe.

Why people buy Sophie the giraffe?

Sophie the giraffe is the kind of teething toy that helps the toddlers or babies in coping with their pain of growing teeth. This toy is seven inch long and shaped just exactly like a giraffe. It is widely in demand all across the world and the reason for this demand is because it is made with hundred percent pure organic which explains that it won’t affect the child’s health. In addition to that; the long neck of the giraffe and the way it has been made makes it quite easier to reach to the corners of the gums which help in reducing the pain of the baby.

New mum gifts:

Don’t you think that the new mom deserves as much as of an appreciation and gifts as the new born baby. Why not? As she was the one who bore the baby for nine months in her belly and deliver the baby with utmost pain. There are many different types of gifts which have been made especially for the new moms. These gifts include makeup pouches, nursery bags, chocolates, teddy, flowers and much more.


People are extra careful when they buy stuff for their babies or toddlers and why not shall that be as they are the most sensitive little creatures who need time to cope with the environmental conditions. This is the reason that many such special products have been introduced that ensures that it won’t affect baby’s health. One such product is known as Sophie the giraffe. You can buy Sophie the giraffe as well as new mum gifts from “The Baby Gift Company”.