When talking about controversial ways of treating multiple sclerosis the most questioned method might be the use of Marijuana for treating the symptoms that come along with the disease. Marijuana was used even during ancient times to cure particular diseases or it was simply used for one’s own pleasure. Nowadays it is mainly used for pleasure and treating certain diseases, but it is only legal in a few countries including the Netherlands.

How Can It Help?

Marijuana was proved to be beneficial for the human body and it is thought to be one effective alternative therapy for multiple sclerosis. Studies showed that extracts of cannabis that were administrated with the help of a capsule had great results and helped in reducing the severeness of the symptoms. Marijuana is so trusted in medical use due to the fact that it has no negative effects to the body and nobody ever died due to the use of marijuana.

The worst effects that marijuana can give to an individual is that of having the urge to drink water due to the mouth being dry, feeling dizzy, falling in depression or losing the ability to remain focused. Those symptoms disappear after a period of time in which the person doesn’t use any marijuana. Another great effect is that marijuana gives a nice sensation and makes the patient feel good and forgets about its condition. Check out here http://www.naturalmssupport.com/alternative-therapies.

Approval of Cannabis

Cannabis is as stated above legal in very few countries, there are around 20 countries, including the Netherlands, the main reason for which the drug is banned is due to how strong it really is, it can provoke hallucinations and people will end up looking for more.

When used for a medical condition the amount of cannabis consumed is controlled by a doctor and the only legalized capsules that contain marijuana are dronabinol and nabilone, only those two were approved by the Food and Drug Administration and smoked marijuana is still not recommended for patients. The main reason for this is that the doctors can’t tell what dose the patients take when they smoke it, whereas taking cannabis via pills can let them know exactly what quantities were used.


The use of marijuana is still very harshly criticized around the world and people will simply not consider it as a viable treatment even though it is known to be harmless and effective. This drug is still considered a strong drug and many individuals hesitate in using it as an alternative therapy for multiple sclerosis, even though it was proved that it can be beneficial for their symptoms.