Finding the perfect outfit is not enough if you want to look your best at any given function. It takes seamlessly coordinated accessories to formalize the complete look. Fashion is not just about putting on the best-looking outfit. It is more about how you mix and match your accessories to bring out your personality and stand out in a crowd.

Evening clutch bags, belts, jewellery, shawls and hair ornaments are commonly used accessories to accompany the outfit. Depending on the function, you can always play around with them till you lock in your final look. The secret to looking sensational is to choose modest colours that go well with the outfit rather than overly contrasting colours that come out as flashy.

Hair Accessories
An up-do hair style with simple hair ornaments can be a showstopper at black-tie events. This look works well with ball gowns or long couture dresses and presents a sense of elegance and poise.

Working short hair or up-do hairstyles with long, droopy earrings makes up for a classy look. You can enhance it further by throwing in a gorgeous bracelet. This will work extremely well with a simple, yet sophisticated dress that complements the body structure. Tube dresses or gowns with a long neck line can be accessorized with a beautiful necklace.

Fashion belts are a great way of showing off your curves. Wearing a high waist belt that comes around the smallest part of the waist, just above the belly button, on a single-tone tunic type dress can amplify your hour-glass figure. This will make you feel more lady-like and boost your outward confidence, making you twice as more attractive. However, you should be very cautious when matching belts with the rest of the outfit, as it is a strict no-go with bulky neck pieces.

Handbags and clutches
When choosing an clutch bag Australia, it is essential that it matches both the embellishment as well as the colour tone of the dress. Ideally, one should stay away from bags with shoulder straps as it will interfere with the line of the dress. A small clutch bag, just enough to hold the necessities will do the job and keep you at ease.

Footwear can be chosen from sleek stilettoes, peep-toes or platform heels, to match the level of sophistication of the dress. Generally, it is not advisable to wear flats as it will deflate your overall look. However, for those that struggle with heels, a carefully chosen, chic pair of flats could work better. After all, fashion should always be about comfort as much as it is about looking good.