first-dateYour first date can be an intimidating experience – and thinking of a good place to go can be the hardest part. Choose an inappropriate location and it could put the whole night off track right from the start. Choose a good one, however, and you could be set for a night of great conversation, flirtation, and maybe more! If you’ve got a date lined up and are agonizing over a good location, here is some inspiration.

First, how about a gig? If you’re nervous about finding something to talk about, this is a great way to remain in close quarters with the guy or girl in question – without having to actually speak! You’ll be in an electric atmosphere provided by music, beer and bustle, and the show will give you a great topic of conversation for the post-show drink – which we recommend you have in a quieter venue. You’ll also get to gauge each other’s taste in music, which is a vital part of the success in many relationships! Just try to choose something mellow over anything too intense – heavy metal and hard rock should probably be left off the cards.

If you think you’ve already got enough to talk about, the classic restaurant or bar is always a great idea. If you choose something that’s mellow enough to give you the space and time to talk, but bustling enough to provide a cool, happening atmosphere, then you’re onto a winner. There’s nothing nicer than sitting at a table conversing with someone you find interesting over delicious food and nice wine.

In the warmer months, fish and chips on the beach is a cool, chilled out way to get to know each other better in a laidback environment. For an extra touch of romance, try doing it at sunset. Add a bottle of wine and you have a date for the ages.

If you’re confident in the kitchen, you could even have the guy or girl in question back to yours for a home-cooked meal. This is a great way to impress in an environment that you’re comfortable in. Feel free to have a cool nearby venue lined up for a post-dinner drink.

Playing pool in a pub is also a great way to combine the cosy, bustling atmosphere of a watering hole with a fun activity you can both enjoy. You’ll find that, when you’re both playing a game, conversation will flow freely and you’ll find more out about each other than you may have expected. Picking a low-key venue is a great way to create a laidback atmosphere that’ll let you both relax.

Lastly, we have the classic idea of the drive-in cinema. Ok, so for some people this might be a bit too intense – and for others, a bit too corny – but for many couples, this is just right. A movie is a great way to give you both something to  talk about, if this is something you’re worried about initially, and the drive in allows you the perfect combination of distraction and the freedom to talk.